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Practice Hospitality

May 11, 2023

1 Thessalonians 5:11
Wherefore exhort one another, and build each other up, even as also ye do.

Bonus verse – Romans 12:13 -When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.

This past week I have been pondering the will of GOD and am I acting in it?  My life at the moment feels very mundane, ordinary and well not very much like a blessing. I saw how GOD was giving my friends these amazing adventures to utilize their talents and I was jealous.   So I came to GOD and asked why won’t you use me?  It was an honest conversation but it probably sounded very much like a two year old tantrum.

GOD reminded me of cookies and these 2 verses “build each other up” and “ …always be eager to practice hospitality.”

I wrote down the definition of hospitality on a post-it and put it on my computer for the week: “Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show you love and care.”

Graciously God showed me this command in a gentle way.

 1) Remembrances to call back to memory where GOD had been faithful and used me “the cookies”:

One Monday, I kept on feeling the Holy Spirit tugging on me to make chocolate chip cookies for small group that night.  I didn’t want to.  Didn’t have time too – didn’t care too – a million different excuses.  Finally gave in and made those cookies but with a VERY cranky attitude.  Why were these cookies so important that I had to interrupt my day to make them?

This is where the awesomeness of God comes in.  As I sat the cookies down at small group, the leaders 4 year old son, started giggling and doing a happy dance.  His mom asked him why the happy?  He said, “I prayed for cookies and God even gave me my favorite.”  I was humbled.  God saw.  He answered.   He heard the tender hearted prayer of a 4 year old’s request for cookies.

2) People to gift the practice of hospitality to this week:

A friend who lost her husband on Thursday.

A 91 year old widow who was grieving the second anniversary of his death.

A retired couple struggling with recovering from a string of surgeries and unplanned changes.

If I am honest the gifts I gave this week were small and maybe a little mundane but my prayer is that they uplifted the spirit of those who received them. That GOD would use them.

I also chose this week to remember GOD sees us where we are at.   He knew His people needed the personal caring touch of others.  In all types of circumstances: joy, sorrow, fear, grief.  That special touch.  To be the caring hand of God in a real world that reinforces God’s promise that He sees us.  He sees us in our sorrow, our aloneness, our joy or even on our very worst day.

So today I chose to make it a day where I show God’s love and care to those around me.  Choose your birthday to be that day where you love those around you.

Deb R 

’70 / ‘ 77     Eustis  FL

Birth year / spiritual birth year / hometown

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