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Are We Just Roadkill?

June 7, 2023

Romans 6:7
For he who has died has been freed from sin

Apparently, in Southern Lancaster County Pennsylvania, there are a few weeks in February where skunks decide to go all out (or in) for love. Maybe they observe Valentine’s Day, not sure, but they go crazy for love. We know this because they do things that they don’t usually attempt the other 11 ½ months- they cross streets and roads without caution and occasionally pay the ultimate price – with their life. The aroma from their love torn decisions can be smelt all over the county.

       In many years of driving, there have been many critters that have met their demise by my car. The aforementioned skunks, possums, racoons, rabbits,  a sea turtle (unfortunately), lots of squirrels and deer. I have never started up my car and said, “let’s go hunting critters tonight”.  Sometimes it’s just safer to hit the critter than another vehicle. In fact, when we lived in MN, our daughter was taught in Driver’s Ed to “Never Veer for the Deer”.  These animals do not understand the danger of crossing the road – they do not teach “safe ways to cross” in animal high schools. The saddest incident for me was last spring when I was enjoying a beautiful morning drive and out of nowhere a big ol bird smashed directly into my windshield and perished with a splat.

      In Romans 6, Paul is discussing how believers can be dead to sin and alive to Christ. Before Christ saved us from our sins, we did not have the ability to say No to sin because we were ruled by our sin nature, we could only choose sin. BUT Christ died for us and therefore so did the power of our sinful nature die with Him. As our verse of the day states – “he who has died is freed from sin”.  The skunks and other critters followed their instinct (sinful nature) to their deaths. The bird, however, could have chosen to fly higher (free from sin nature) and above my vehicle instead of dying. I often decide to follow my sinful nature and make wrong choices to cross highways into danger. Even though as a blood bought Saint of Christ, I can never lose my salvation, those sinful choices still lead to bad consequences. Let’s choose freedom (follow God’s Word and Spirit) and fly over danger. Let’s choose to not be roadkill today.

Dave R  

 ’69 / ’83   Quarryville  PA

Birth year / spiritual birth year / hometown

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