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Walk with God

June 9, 2023

Genesis 6:9
This is the history of the generations of Noah: Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time. Noah walked with God.

During the Covid pandemic lock down, when a lot of the things we were “so busy” with got shut down, I found myself looking for things to do. My husband and I have always liked the water, but years earlier had sold our boat and jet ski. So, I decided we needed a canoe! So, I went to Facebook marketplace and within couple days we had our canoe. Before we took it out, I had to clean it up. In this one particular cup holder (I know, fancy canoe) was this glob of stuff I cleaned out. Once we had it cleaned, off we went to the river. We unloaded the canoe, put it in the water, got our life jackets and paddles, and pushed off the dock for our first adventure. We had not gotten very far from the dock when we noticed it. Water bubbling up through the cup holder! My husband was a little shocked. He did not know anything about the “glob of stuff” I had cleaned out of that cup holder. We started paddling and headed back to the dock. I explained to my husband, that when I cleaned up the canoe, I had removed this glob of stuff that was in that hole. I just had no idea that “glob” was there for a reason!

And that is just a canoe!

Have you ever really thought about Noah? We have heard the story since we were kids. He built an ark and the animals came, two by two, then it rained 40 days and 40 nights. An amazing story. But, as an adult, when you really dive into this story what an incredible amount of faith is on display with this man named Noah. An ark -approximately 510 feet long, and more than 50 feet high. How many globs of stuff did it take to not have water bubbling up into the ark!

God tells Him to build it, and he does! Remember it had never rained like it did before the flood. He was not told to make a trailer and hook it to his 4 wheel drive and take the boat down to the ramp and put it in the water. He just built it. It is not clear exactly how long it took him to build the ark, but most likely over 100 years. So, for all this time, it makes me wonder if people questioned him, or mocked him or told him he was crazy. But in Genesis 6:9 it says, “These are the family records of Noah. Noah was a righteous man, blameless among his contemporaries; Noah WALKED WITH GOD.

When that water came bubbling up out of that hole in the canoe, I did start questioning myself. Why did I not think about why it was there, why did I not ask my husband before pulling it all out. (And by the way, it didn’t come out real easy) But when God asks us to do something, we have a lot of questions. God loves us. He wants the best for us. So, when I am not following God, I am doing the opposite of what is best for me. Noah’s faith and obedience saved his life and his family. What could my faith and obedience do? What could your faith and obedience do? Remember God loves you, wants the best for you. Noah stepped out on faith, and it is said he walked with God. You and I can do the same thing. We probably will never be asked to build a huge boat, but whatever He leads us to do, we can follow. Let our faith and obedience lead us to do what God is asking of us. Let us WALK WITH GOD, so others can see it and be encouraged just like we are encouraged by Noah.

Michelle R

      ’67 / ’84   Jacksonville  FL

Birth year / spiritual birth year / hometown

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