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What about Today?

June 21, 2023

John 6:21
They were willing therefore to receive him into the boat. Immediately the boat was at the land where they were going.

In John chapter 6, we see Jesus perform 2 miracles that displays His power over the natural world. He creates food for multitudes out of 5 loaves / 2 fish and then He calms the stormy sea. He confirms that He is someone powerful enough to trust.

George Muller, born in Germany, 1805, became a missionary to Briton.  He is well known for being able to trust God to provide for the orphans in the orphanages he started there. 

It is said that he kept on his desk a motto that said, “and today”, the middle words of Hebrews 13:8.  “Jesus Christ, the same, yesterday, today, and forever.”  It is easy to remember the Red Sea; the Jordan River; the fiery furnace; the lion’s den; Elijah facing 400 prophets of Baal; 5000 people being fed from a meager lunch; the stormy Galilee being calmed in an instant; and Peter walking on water. 

We can also believe the promises about forever when Christ returns.  We will have new bodies and shed no more tears.  We will have no more pain, ever again. 

But what of today?  Today, when your heart is troubled?  Is ‘today’ written in a smaller font?  Perhaps we are not sure which font to write it in.  Maybe that was why George Muller had just those words on his desk, to remind him that yes, Jesus is the same today as He was yesterday and as He will be forever.  His promises are still the same.  His Word is still true.

Someone said to me recently that they knew they could trust Jesus for heaven, but not the heartache that was happening in the here and now.  But the text insists that He is the same today.  He has promised that He will be with us all the days, the dark days, the sad days, all the days.

There may have another reason Muller kept that motto on his desk.  As a young person, he had the reputation of being a liar and a thief.  He drank and gambled and mocked people especially Christians.  Then someone invited him to a Bible study.  Not long after that he trusted Christ as his Savior.

So God is still in the business of saving people, of rescuing sinners.  Yesterday, He rescued Rahab and her family.  Yesterday He turned Paul around 180 degrees.  Yesterday He softened Peter’s heart and captured the heart of the Philippian jailer.  Today God is still rescuing the hurting and calling sinners to believe.  Today He is still giving comfort to His children.

That gives me hope for some that I have been praying for.  I just pray that they won’t be too far down into the pit before they are rescued.  But God can lift them from the miry pit no matter the depth of the pit.

After all, He is the same yesterday, TODAY, and forever.

Edie R

         ’43 / ’55   New Holland  PA

Birth year / spiritual birth year / hometown

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