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1926 Level Ground

July 10, 2023

Psalms 26:12
My foot stands on level ground; in the great assembly I will bless the Lord.

(Editor’s note) Every so often we will be writing a devotional based upon a verse in Psalms. Your birth year correlates to a Psalm (which you can search for) This Verse is for everyone age 97. Congrats on living a long life and witnessing some incredible changes in our society. God bless you and keep you.

This past week someone asked me what I could no longer do that I was able to do prior to my knee replacement and my femur fracture.  Without too much thought, I said I still have difficulty walking on uneven ground.  I do rather well on level smooth ground, but walking on uneven grassy yards is much more difficult.  It is steep as well it is even more difficult which makes weeding the bank in our front yard nigh to impossible.  I know some of you have the same issues.  I have learned though that leaning on my hoe gives me support.

That is not unlike life, is it?  Psalm 26:12 says, “my foot is on level ground.”  What constitutes level ground?  Sometimes it seems that our walk is uphill all the way and strewn with boulders all the way.  The Psalmist certainly did not have level ground all the way.  But he had someone that was always with him to support him on his walk.  It seems that if truth were the way of life in our country that would make the walk more level.  But David faced deception much of his life.  In fact, I cannot think of any New or Old Testament saint that did not have a difficult path.  Perhaps God says, ‘if I gave you a level path with no problems, you would not know that you needed me.”  We know that our particular path is by His sovereign design.  We also know that He will not leave us to walk it alone.

Since we cannot control the evenness of our path, it helps if we have the support of one another.  And we need to center our thoughts on the Word of God.  Only there will we find truth and support.  Only there will we find the assurance of the presence of God walking with us no matter the state of our path.

Even more helpful than using my hoe is holding onto someone’s hand.  I can step right along with that help.  So perhaps this week you can find a way to be that hand for someone.  A smile is a great start.  Isn’t it wonderful to see everyone’s smiles again?!  Encourage one another with your smiles.

Stay in the Word and fix your eyes on the Lord.  We will be able to say with the Psalmist, ‘I have not wavered in my trust in the Lord.  My foot is on level ground.”

Edie R

    ’43 / ’55   New Holland  PA

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