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Accepting a Better Plan

July 29, 2023

2 Samuel 7:29
Now therefore let it please you to bless the house of your servant, that it may continue forever before you; for you, Lord Yahweh, have spoken it. Let the house of your servant be blessed forever with your blessing.

2 Samuel 7 is a beautiful example of how God takes our good, honorable desires and turns them into something even greater than we ever imagined, if we let Him. The chapter begins with King David desiring to build a permanent temple for the Lord, which is honorable and shows his devotion to God. But then God flips it on him, and basically says, ‘That’s all well and good, but I’ve been living in a tent since you left Egypt, and I never asked for a temple. What I want is to establish your house and lineage forever.” And this is where it is promised that the Messiah will come through the line of David. This whole chapter is a beautiful, intimate conversation between the Lord and David, that became a promise to the entire nation of Israel, and then by extension, to every believer who has ever accepted Christ as Savior. David had just come back from decades of being on the run, then becoming king and being in constant battles. At this point, he probably needed a good long nap, but instead, he tried to devote himself to the huge building project of the temple. But God said, “Nope, you go rest, with the knowledge of an eternal legacy to come.” (And God did eventually honor that desire of the earthly temple, he just accomplished it through David’s son Solomon.) I just love seeing how God made it so clear to David that his reward for being a man after God’s own heart was to rest in the knowledge that a Messiah was coming, the King of kings. 

But I also see in David’s response to God something we should all strive toward. He came back with this great plan to honor God, and yet the Lord basically shut him down. And David could have been shortsighted and argued with God about why He ‘needed’ this temple. But instead, he accepted this great gift of rest and legacy without any disappointment over his own plan being scrapped. Because he trusted the Lord so completely. How often do we have great plans to please Jesus, whether it’s in our careers, how we raise our children, or in ministry? And yet many times I believe we fall into the trap of not asking Jesus first about what He wants, what His purpose is for our lives. Just because our plan might be a good thing, doesn’t always mean it’s the best thing. For our ways are not His ways, and His ways are higher than the Earth (paraphrase of Isaiah 55: 8-9). We see above in verse 29, the end of David’s response to the Lord, that he has accepted and rejoiced in God’s plan for him and is willing to accept blessings upon blessings for his house. May we all have this intimate relationship with the Lord, to be able to first hear, then accept, His greater plan for our lives. He desires so much more than we could ever ask or imagine! 

Brittany H

  ’94 / ’08 San Jose Costa Rica

CoLaborers International Missionary

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