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August 24, 2023

John 8:24
I said therefore to you that you will die in your sins; for unless you believe that I am he, you will die in your sins.”

    I have been told that no matter where you are in your relationship with Christ, you need to tell yourself every day the gospel, that we are sinners needing a Savior. Jesus is telling these people straight up that they will die if they do not believe in him. What He means by death is when they die they will go to hell and be forever away from Jesus. If we believe in Jesus being I am he, (John 3:16) we will not die but have everlasting life. We are doomed to death due to our sin, but the gospel, the good news of Jesus is that we can believe in Him and have a new life, a life that is never going to die, a life that will be with him in heaven forever. This is key -to believe that we know who He is. I hear all the time from my students or players that I am he, basically meaning I am that good. Jesus says I am He. He says believing that I am He, I am is very important in the Bible and also very important in the book of John.  It states that Jesus is God. God’s name Yahweh means “I am”. So that is why the Hebrew leaders got mad when Jesus said all these “I am” statements, he was claiming to be God. Believing that He is the great I am, we are believing that He is God. Romans 10:9 says If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. If we say Jesus is the great I am and believe God raised him from the dead then we are saved. It is that simple- knowing Jesus is who He says He is and knowing that He conquered death and sin then you are saved from everything that you have ever done in your life.   

Dan R

 ’96 / ’01  Jacksonville  FL 

Birth year / spiritual birth year / hometown

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