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Purposeful Disability

September 1, 2023

John 9:1
As he passed by, he saw a man blind from birth.

There are certain things we can control.  There are things we cannot control.  We cannot control what took place at our birth. The man in John 9:1 was born blind.  I imagine he went through life asking many questions.  Questions like: Why me, God?  What did I do to deserve this?  

Perhaps you were born with some physical problem like blindness or deafness.  Not all problems are physical, are they? Perhaps you have a learning disability.  Perhaps you were born in less-than-ideal circumstances. Or you were born into a broken home.  Take a moment and ponder what you were born with and born into.

Now pick up what takes place in verse 2 and beyond in today’s reading. We find God had a purpose for this man’s blindness.  It was to give glory to God. Our God is great and mighty.  He grants us infirmities so that He can use them for good.  Through our problems, He allows us to be a part of His big plan. 

There’s an old Christian song that has the line “Let me be the evidence of what Your grace can do”. We cannot control what we were born with or born into.  But we can control whether we are willing to allow God to use our problems for His purposes.  Then His power will be very evident to others…and us!

One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see! – John 9:25

Bret A.

1963/1979 Stewartville MN

Prayer lyrics © Capitol CMG Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group

Songwriters: James Newton Howard

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