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Jesus our Healer

September 21, 2023

Matthew 9:21
for she said to herself, “If I only touch his garment, I will be made well

This last month has been chaotic, exhausting, hard, but also encouraging. Through the tough times of my shoulder surgery, recovery, my dad’s surgery, 2 funerals, and other things, I can honestly say I have been very selfish. I want to be healed, I want to be healthy, I want my dad to be healthy, I wish the 2 people who had funerals were back here serving the Lord. I am trying everything in my own power to overcome these times, these emotions, these feelings of helplessness.

What an encouraging verse we see here. Among all the people in the crowd wanting healing and wanting Jesus to be their miraculous healer only 1 had the faith to reach out to Him. This one verse encourages me to reach out to Jesus. When I want to do it on my own, even the slightest touch of Jesus will remind me that I am not capable of doing what only He can do.

The faith this woman had, gives me hope in the hard times. It gives me peace knowing God can and will be there to heal me when I am broken. To pick me up when I am down. To lift me up when I am weak. I hope this verse does the same for you. If you are going through tough times, or amid a trial, look up and reach out to Jesus. You can know for sure that He will be there to heal you. There may be scars, there may be some lasting effects, but He will be there through it all if you just reach out and ask Him to be your strength, your peace, your hope, and your life. 

Cody R

 ’96 / ’08 Jacksonville  FL

Birth year / spiritual birth year / hometown

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