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Why We Created Birthday Bible Verses

Birthday Bible verses is an idea cultivated by 4 straight sleepless nights waking up at exactly 3:17 AM. I (Dave) had just lost another job (2 in a row on the same day, 1 year apart), and seemingly my career in Christian ministry. It was a very difficult time in our lives. After the 4th night, God opened my eyes to start studying every Chapter 3 verse 17. It just so happened that my birthday is March 17th. The verses proclaimed God’s promises and after days / weeks / months the healing process had begun.

     So why a website? 

         This idea of Birthday Bible verses would just not leave. We tried to let it go and move on with our life but to no avail. God kept prompting us to do something. We wanted others to see God’s promises as He had revealed them to us. Searching for your Birthday Bible verses can be a fun and exciting way to study Scripture.  A website also allows us to add creative content as we move forward. After a few months we were able to purchase the domain name and start dreaming / planning. The challenge was, we had never done this before. We had very little $. I had lost my career and our main source of income had become driving the Amish. We are still Amish taxi drivers. It took us 14 months before we had saved enough money to hire a web developer. We had ideas in our head but had no knowledge of how to make them come to life. One Eighty Digital did a great job creating the website and working with us as we told them our idea. They created a search tool and taught me many things (which I am still mastering). We want this website to be a resource and a fun place to visit. We have so many ideas ( Spiritual Birthday page with testimonies, Biblical Word of the day, Dad Jokes page, Missionary of the Month, Family page, Discipleship, Home schoolers page, etc…) and we want more of your ideas. We believe that Christians need to be united in our faith and so many times we get caught up in the world’s system that we lose sight of our true purpose. If this website can help a few people stand strong until His return then it is worth it.

      We would love for people to proudly display their Birthday Bible verses to a lost and fallen world. There is every type of clothing displaying sports teams and other brands; why not also display proudly what the Bible says about our Birthday.

We are not doing this to get rich, but we are investing a good amount of time and money to keep this website running while also working full-time. We will donate a minimum of 15% to missionaries and local churches from every sale.

  We have bathed this website in prayer. We have asked God to bless this undertaking but ultimately it is in His hands. We believe we have obeyed His call. The results will be left up to Him and we will praise Him no matter the outcome. Feel free to reach out to us via email or on social media. God bless you all as we wait for the sound of the trumpet!!

Dave & Denise Richard

 ’69 / ’83  &  ’67 / ‘ 80      Quarryville  PA